The origins of alumni operations of North Carolina A&T State University in the state of New Jersey date back to 1923 when a group of like minded individuals with a devotion for their alma mater organized what was originally called the “A&T Club”.   After a period of inactivity between 1936 and 1960, the Club was reactivated after 25 years in 1961 and composed of Aggies living in the 3 core regions of the state; Southern, Central and Northern.  The A&T Club formally obtained its charter in 1961 and was thereafter named “The Northern New Jersey Chapter of the North Carolina A&T State University Alumni Association, Inc..


Throughout the decades of the 60’s, the 70’s and the 80’s, more and more graduates matriculated from the University to the numerous employment centers located in New Jersey, anchored by the City of Philadelphia in the south and, New York City in the north.  It was during this period that other New Jersey based alumni chapters were formed, including the following (and the approximate dates of their formation);


  • Burlington County Chapter – early-1970’s
  • Bergen County Chapter – late-1970’s
  • Central / Jersey Shore Chapter – 1989




Beginning in the early 2000’s Alumni participation began to wane as the population of “active” alumni in the state gradually decreased over time.  This phenomenon led the Central / Jersey Shore Chapter to discontinue its operations by June 2000.  This closing was followed approximately 3 years later as the Burlington County Chapter ceased operations in September 2003.  Lastly, the Bergen County Chapter discontinued operating by the Fall of 2007.  The unfortunate demise of its sister chapters thus left the Northern New Jersey Chapter as the only remaining, viable Alumni chapter of North Carolina A&T State University operating in the 10th most populist state in the nation.


The Northern New Jersey Chapter however was nonetheless able to sustain its operations due to the vast database of Alumni residing in the northern and central portions of the state.   In January 2008, the Chapter launched an intense outreach campaign to all New Jersey Aggies with the intent on forming a singular, unified statewide alumni chapter.  On February 21, 2010 an application was submitted to the Board of Directors of the national alumni association to formally change the name of the chapter to “The New Jersey Alumni Chapter”.   After undertaking a review of the proposal, and performing its due diligence responsibilities, the Board of Directors decreed at its organizational meeting held in July 2010 that a new “Charter” would have to be granted and, that a new Constitution and By Laws would have to be adopted by the Chapter.  Simultaneously, the Board would also initiate communication with all known New Jersey alumni to seek their input on the proposed statewide concept.


After a few years of multiple activities being expended by all interested parties, a new Constitution and By Laws was formally adopted by the chapter in June 2013.  This action was followed soon thereafter by a new Charter being granted and thus, formally changing the name of the chapter to “The New Jersey Alumni Chapter” of the North Carolina A&T State University Alumni Association, Inc.  Finally, on October 19, 2014, a new slate of officers was elected to guide the future of alumni affairs in the state of New Jersey forward.




With its newly minted name, the New Jersey Alumni Chapter would thus have no “regional or territorial” limitations.  And, given the uniqueness of the geography of the state of New Jersey – being dimensionally small, but very densely populated – instituting a statewide chapter has created a plausible and rational approach of getting more Aggies involved in alumni affairs in the State of New Jersey.


To achieve one of its primary objectives of being a more participatory and inclusionary chapter, the state is now delineated into six (6) specific regions based partly upon the contiguous boundaries of its 21 counties.  Alumni residing in each of these regions are now engaged to represent their respective region while serving on the Chapter’s Executive Committee, which is itself an adjunct of the Board of Directors.  Since reconstituting itself, The New Jersey Alumni Chapter has embraced all social media and telecommunications platforms currently in existence today so as to keep the New Jersey Aggies – with an estimated headcount of approximately 900(+) – fully up to date on the alumni affairs of North Carolina A&T State University.