Aggie Pride!

Membership in the New Jersey Alumni Chapter consists of the following classes; Chapter Member, Associate Member and Honorary Member.

 are defined as any graduate, certificate holder or person who:

  • attended the University for a minimum period of one (1) quarter or one (1) semester
  • is not presently enrolled at the University in an undergraduate program
  • has paid  New Jersey Alumni Chapter  dues ($50) for the current fiscal year (CLICK HERE TO PAY CHAPTER DUES)
  • has given at least $50 to the Annual Giving Campaign of NC A&T for the current fiscal year
  • meets all other requirements set forth in the By-Laws of the Chapter.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are defined as an individual who is the spouse, offspring, sibling or other relative of a Chapter Member, or any person who did not attend the university, and who has made an individual financial contribution to either the Chapter, the NCA&TSU Alumni Association or to the University’s Annual Fund Campaign during the previous or current fiscal year.

HONORARY MEMBERS are defined as any individual, firm, organization or entity who has been designated as such by the Chapter as recognition for any goods and services rendered and support provided to either the Chapter, the NCA&TSU Alumni Association or the University.